Non-Technical Survey: Hammelburg

Non-Technical Surveys (NTS) are essential for determining how to allocate limited resources in the land release process. Therefore, it is not only important that these Surveys be of a high quality, but also that more effort be placed into training and equipping NTS teams, coaching their command structures and verifying and analyzing survey information. Strong communication between the teams conducting the surveys and the staff responsible for analysis and information management is also essential.

This training course will be held at the German Armed Forces UN Training Centre in Hammelburg, which is especially suited to the practical exercises for NTS and scenario–based training. By enhancing the role of NTS, operational outcomes will improve, along with increased precision in determining how to distribute scarce resources to contaminated areas.

Successful applicants will receive pre course reading to assist with preparations and are advised that there will be a baseline test and that there will be a final test on the last day. The practical scenario exercises will also be evaluated by observers and feedback provided to participants. Upon successful completion participants will be awarded a certificate, participants who exceed expectations will be awarded a certificate of distinction.



Land release
Management of mine action programmes




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