We are grateful for the continued support from our donors, partners and the public in these uncertain times. We are adjusting how we work in line with the latest national government and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance to ensure we keep everyone protected. GICHD staff have adapted to working either remotely online and where possible in respecting Covid 19 protocols, continuing to work in person with partners and stakeholders.

The GICHD has decided to open registrations for trainings and workshops that will take place in 2021 in Switzerland or online. These training and workshops are currently advertised on our training platform, The GICHD reserves the right to cancel or postpone these training and workshops should the situation change and no longer allow to organize them. In that case, the GICHD would inform the registered and accepted participants at least six weeks in advance of the event.

Should you have any questions with regards to workshops and training, please email us at

By standing together, we will continue to fulfill to the best of our ability our mission, while keeping the health and safety of our staff, their families, and the communities we serve. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

All upcoming training

  • Land release, Survey, Management of mine action programmes, Quality...
  • Spiez, Switzerland
  • 15 to 19 Nov 2021
  • 30 Sep 2021

Online courses and case study library


Thank you for your interest in enrolling for our online courses.

Due to high demand, enrollment for our “Introduction to Gender and Diversity in Mine Action” e-learning course, we are required to limit the number of active users to 150 per hour. As a result, you may not be able to log in, in which case you are advised to try to log in again at a later time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

In addition, please note that in order to allow new registrations, the system will automatically deactivate learners accounts who have completed this course.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Componente de aprendizaje en línea del ejercicio de validación del Programa UN SaferGuard, 2021
  • Este componente de aprendizaje en línea tiene por objeto preparar a los participantes para el ejercicio presencial de validación del Programa SaferGuard de las Naciones Unidas. Está diseñado como un curso de actualización de conocimientos antes de asistir al ejercicio presencial.
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  • Introducción al género y la diversidad en la Acción Contra las Minas
  • Este curso está destinado específicamente a profesionales de acción contra las minas y personas interesadas en temas sobre mujeres, paz y seguridad.
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  • Introduction to Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) Essentials
  • This introductory course is for anyone interested in learning about the key principles of effective and ethical explosive ordnance risk education (EORE). It is in line with the International Mine Action Standards and has been endorsed by the EORE Advisory Group.
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  • Introduction to Gender and Diversity in Mine Action
  • The aim of this three-part course is that learners can identify where and why gender and diversity matter in mine action.
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  • Mine Clearance in Skallingen - Case Study
  • The purpose of this case study is to capture all relevant lessons learnt from the mine clearance of the Skallingen Peninsula 2006-2012.
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  • Mine Clearance in the Falkland/Malvinas Islands - Case Study
  • The Falkland Islands Case Study provides insight into the relevant details of the survey and clearance of Minefield SA42 in the Malvinas/Falkland Islands.
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  • Practical advice on UAS operations - Case Study
  • Explore WHAT unmanned aerial systems (UAS) imagery enhance land release activities through case studies and learn HOW to enable your organization with UAS operations.
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  • Pre-test | UN SaferGuard validation exercise E-Learning Component, 2021
  • Online pre-test to assess compatibility of applicants' knowledge of the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG).
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  • S.H.A.D.O.W. Programmes - Case Study
  • This presentation is an introduction to specialist self-help demilitarisation operations.
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  • The effects of ageing on ammunition - Case study
  • This presentation gives an overview of recent studies into the effects of ageing on explosive ordnance, and examines the findings.
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  • Вступ до гендера та різноманітності в протимінній діяльності
  • Цей курс розроблений для практиків протимінної діяльності та всіх, хто зацікавлений у більш широкій програмі "Жінки, мир та безпека".
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  • مقدمة إلى النوع الاجتماعي والتنوع في الأعمال المتعلقة بالألغام
  • صُمّمت هذه الدورة التدريبية للعاملين في مجال الأعمال المتعلقة بالألغام، وجميع الأفراد المهتمين بشكل عامّ بشؤون المرأة والسلام والأمن
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Past training

  • Land release, Risk education, Socio-economic survey, Victim...
  • Bogota, Colombia
  • 03 to 07 Feb 2020
  • International standards, Arab Regional Cooperation Programme,...
  • Amman, Jordan
  • 09 to 10 Dec 2019
  • Ammunition safety management (ASM), Regional cooperation programmes
  • Chişinău, Moldova
  • 19 to 23 Mar 2018
  • Regional cooperation programmes, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central...
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • 09 to 09 Feb 2017